Sunday, April 22, 2012

Small Station Signs

by John Kendall

Getting those small signs that hang off station building to survive can be a problem, especially if the buildings are moved on a regular basis, as ours are.  I was asked to make some signs recently using the Scalescenes signs that came free with an issue of Hornby Magazine.

The idea I had was to use sheet brass and brass wire as shown:

The main sign was done using Powerpoint.  The sign structure is scrap brass soldered to bullhead rail.  The smaller signs have "U" shaped brass wire soldered to the top of pieces of brass sheet.  I scanned the Hornby Magazine sheet using high resolution.

The signs were cut out and glued to the brass after painting.  I should have chemically blackened the small signs but, instead used a black marker.  The top 2 signs are WR for our branch station.

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