Sunday, March 11, 2012

Coal Stage

Last Saturday I decided to make a coal stage to go with the Engine Shed recently completed. The model was inspired by an example built by Stephen Williams for his "Faringdon" layout. The layout is discussed at length in a 3 volume Wild Swan set "Great Western Branchline Modlelling".

I used plastic sheet and strip. To simulate wood I scraped some coarse sandpaper over the plastic. An Olfa carpet cutter ("scrawker") works well to scribe planks.

Painting was a black/brown mix. Once dry I airbrushed first earth, then black. To finish I added a pile of coal and some tools.

It's very satisfying to do things like this. Sure there are kits, but this is unique and, best of all, cost next to nothing since I found most of the material in my scrap box.


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